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Sons Of The Forest's latest update makes Kelvin more helpful, cannibals more creepy, and birds faster

Among many fixes

Sons Of The Forest just received its fourth major patch and it adds some new features to the cannibal survival sim. The more exciting changes might lie in the "improvements", however, which include things like your sidekick Kelvin being able to carry two logs at the same time and brighter night vision goggles.

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There are four new features in this update: the ability to name save games; kick and ban pop-up messages when you're kicked or banned from games; new "point of interest discovery laptops"; and an "Action Cam item" which can be used to watch found footage tapes, the first of which has also been added. Bunker locations are also no longer visible on your GPS tracker at the start of a new game, so you'll have to find them using oen of the other new systems.

Everything else in the full patch notes is an improvement or a fix. Kelvin being able to carry two logs and finish building shelves sounds exremely helpful, but there are fun changes to cannibal behaviour, too. For example:

  • Female cannibals will sometimes drink blood from village troughs or from dead animals, cheer for other family members and occasionally dance to radio music
  • Male cannibal will now sometimes bash dead bodies of enemies

Brr. Birds also now fly faster, there are ducks on the golf course, and other sidekick Virginia will visit more often if she likes you a lot. Patch notes are great.

If you're just getting started with Sons Of The Forest, check out our guides on how to befriend Kelvin and Virginia.

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