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Best M1928 loadout and class setup in Call Of Duty Vanguard

Discover the best M1928 class in Call Of Duty: Vanguard

Want to know the best M1928 loadout in Call Of Duty Vanguard? The M1928 has dominated in the Vanguard meta since launch, and we expect that to continue into Season 2. With reasonably high damage, low recoil and fast handling speeds, the M1928 is a brilliant SMG for any close-range situation. With our M1928 loadout, we make its damage, range, bullet velocity and sprint-to-fire speed even better, making it the perfect weapon to use when running-and-gunning around corners.

Call Of Duty: Vanguard Season 2 is set to launch at the start of February, but we expect frequent balance patches in the meantime. If any changes impact the M1928 and this loadout, we'll update this guide to let you know. Make sure to check back when Season 2 launches to see if our M1928 loadout has changed in the new meta.

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Best M1928 class in Vanguard Season 1

The base M1928 has a high fire rate and ammo count, making it a fast SMG without any attachments. However, if you equip the 8mm Kurz 50 Round Drums with the Hollow Point ammo type and Chariot 5.5" barrel, you can drastically increase the M1928s time-to-kill with limb shots, making it perfect for running-and-gunning in Vanguard multiplayer. You can see our full M1928 setup below:

  • Optic: Slate Reflector
  • Muzzle: Recoil Booster
  • Barrel: Chariot 5.5"
  • Underbarrel: Carver Foregrip
  • Magazine: 8MM Kurz 50 Round Drums
  • Rear Grip: Stippled Grip
  • Stock: CGC S Adjustable
  • Ammo Type: Hollow Point
  • Proficiency: Frenzy
  • Kit: Quick
A render of the M1928 in Call Of Duty: Vanguard, as seen from the Gunsmith preview animation screen.

As mentioned above, the most important attachments in this loadout are the Chariot 5.5" barrel, 8mm Kurz 50 Round Drums, and the Hollow Point ammo type. These all increase damage, with the barrel and ammo type specifically increasing limb damage. This improves the M1928s TTK massively at close range, making it possible to kill enemies in just 3 bullets. It's worth noting that you get no damage bonus from headshots with this loadout, so you can just spray at enemies without worrying about aiming for the head.

Since the 8mm Kurz Drums lower the fire rate, we've used the Recoil Booster muzzle to balance it out. The fire rate is still slightly lower than normal, but the little bump from the Recoil Booster should help you get some more rapid kills. This does lower the M1928s accuracy, but the Stippled Grip and Carver Foregrip balance that out by improving the recoil recovery and control.

Since you'll be running around and shooting enemies up close, use the Slate Reflector, which is a useful short-range optic. You should also take the CGC S Adjustable stock, which slightly improves sprint-to-fire and movement speed, so you can move a bit quicker when roaming the map. The Fleet proficiency and Quick kit also improve movement speed, making it easier to rotate around the map and net some easy kills at the enemy spawn.

Secondary Weapon

As mentioned above, the M1928 is excellent in short-range encounters. While it also holds up well at medium-range, you'll notice a significant damage drop off if trying to kill enemies in the distance. With this in mind, we recommend using a secondary weapon that is capable at long-range. Sniper Rifles, such as the Kar98k and 3-Line Rifle, are very strong and will crack skulls across the map with ease. If you want something a bit snappier, try a Marksman Rifle, as they blend power and speed while remaining effective from a distance. The BAR is also a powerful medium-long range weapon, perfect for those who prefer automatic guns.

Best M1928 Perks and Equipment

These are the best perks and equipment to use in your Vanguard M1928 class:

  • Perk 1: Ghost
  • Perk 2: Radar
  • Perk 3: Overkill
  • Lethal: Thermite
  • Tactical: Stim

These perks are at the top of our list of the best perks in Call Of Duty: Vanguard, and we see no reason to change anything here. Ghost allows you to hide from enemy spy planes and intel, making it much easier to roam the map and sneak up on enemies. Radar highlights enemies that fire unsilenced weapons on your minimap, so you can pick your targets and get ready to fire before you turn corners. Overkill allows you to have a primary weapon in your secondary slot, which is essential if you want one of the weapons mentioned above as your secondary.

The Thermite and Stim are an excellent equipment combo that you can use to damage groups of enemies and escape unharmed. Throw a Thermite into objectives or enemy spawn locations to spread damage to multiple enemies at once. You can then use your M1928 to finish them off, or use a Stim to refresh your tactical sprint and boost your health regeneration, so you can quickly run off to cover and prepare for your next encounter.

That's everything you need to know to make the best M1928 class in Call Of Duty: Vanguard. If you want to try out different setups, check out our list of the best loadouts in Vanguard. You can also see how the M1928 compares to other weapons with our Call Of Duty: Vanguard weapon stats breakdown. If you're max level, take a look at everything you need to know about the Prestige system in Vanguard, and then take a look at which killstreaks are best.

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