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Company Of Heroes 2 Open Beta Got A Teeny Bit Longer

The Company Of Heroes 2 open beta has been extended an extra weekend. This weekend, to be precise. And during it, they're unlocking a bunch more stuff to explore before the game goes live on Tuesday. And doubling earned XP. And giving away free bunnies!

I may have imagined the last part.

However, this weekend the game will add in new multiplayer maps, allow access to the full progression tree, and let you reach level 100. Which makes you the best one there is.

But, you cry, what would be the point in unlocking such things moments before the beta ends and the game resets for launch?! And then you add a flurry of insults, which are entirely uncalled for. Calm yourself, seriously - I'm not sure what's made you so angry, but hear me out. If you buy the game as a pre-order now, all your progress will be maintained for release. Right? See? So maybe hold your horses a little before getting so worked up.

Of course, there's one disadvantage here. The pre-order price is a remarkable £40. Obviously the game won't be able to sustain that price for long, being £10 more than the average full price PC game. So to get it early, you're paying an absolutely premium price. For a series that will inevitably add a bunch of expansions and extras, and then sell the lot for some incredible price in a Steam sale a few months down the line, it's worth bearing this in mind as you decide whether to opt in early.

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