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Death Stranding launches on PC tomorrow so here's a trailer today

Strand by me

Social distancing simulator Death Stranding launches on PC tomorrow but Kojima Productions have delivered a launch trailer today. If you've been waiting to get your postman parkour on in full 4K resolutions, the time has nearly arrived. Bridge man Sam is all packed up and ready to cart that cargo all over post apocalyptic America starting tomorrow, July 14th.

Today's trailer is mostly a quick roundup and reminder of all the PC-specific features we can expect. KojProd say they've added a new "Very Hard" difficulty in case the nightmare monsters just aren't enough of a challenge for you. They've also collaborated with Valve to add some Half-Life themed items to the game.

For the ultrawide-havers among us, Death Stranding will also support your 21:9 monitor. Art Director Yoji Shinkawa talked a bit more about ultrawide support today in an interview for the Summer Games Fest, mentioning adjustments made to the game's UI and how the wider aspect ratio gives you a better view of enemies or possible destinations.

On the same note, game director Hideo Kojima adds that the game's cutscenes support ultrawide view as well. He says KojProd added new details to the edges of scenes to account for that additional space. "I think you will kind of discover new things in the PC version," a translator says on his behalf. Ya hear that, lore fiends? Ultrawide is the most Death Stranding experience of Death Stranding. Someone poke me when there are easter eggs discovered in the margins.

Katharine's already had her hands on the PC version of Death Stranding. The good news is that she feels it will run beautifully even on a GTX 1060. If you happen to still be chugging along on a GTX 970 like I was until recently, you can get Death Stranding free with the purchase of a Nvidia RTX card until July 29th.

You can find Death Stranding when it launches tomorrow on both Steam and the Epic Games Store for £55/€60/$60.

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