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Gremlins cutie Gizmo arrives in MultiVersus, and he’s just in time for the latest update

Hitbox improvements dominate the 1.02 patch

Gremlins’ Gizmo has finally landed in MultiVersus, just a few days later than originally advertised. The Warner Bros. licensed brawler’s also been given an update that’s meant to improve hitboxes and hurtboxes, and rebalances characters. Watch the introductory trailer for Gizmo below. He’s a mogwai, you know, not a gremlin. I was misinformed!

Gizmo is MultiVersus' newest fighter, arriving from the Gremlins movies.Watch on YouTube

Gizmo was revealed as MultiVersus’ next fighter at the start of this month by devs Player First Games. Apart from the obvious cuteness factor, the little feller’s voice-over is pretty funny. I particularly enjoy it when he shouts “NO PRISONERS!” at other combatants. It’s also cool that he rides in on the classic Barbie corvette from the movie. In terms of where Gizmo fits in the MultiVersus roster, he’s classed as a support/ranged hybrid character. You’ll want to use him to create traps and control space on the stage.

MultiVersus’s game director Tony Huynh said that the update’s main goal was to better link character hitboxes and hurtboxes together with their animations, calling it a “foundational change” for the game. The team is moving on to netcode improvements next, but Huynh promised that they’d push out further changes to hitboxes and hurtboxes if needed. Probably the best change in the update, though, is that Velma now summons her pals Mystery Inc. to take away foes in the Mystery Machine, instead of calling the cops. Some fast settings have been added for people playing on lower-spec machines too, which is always handy.

We’re still waiting on MultiVersus’ actual gremlin fighter, Stripe. He was confirmed to be coming to the game along with DC Comics’ morally grey superperson Black Adam last month, after appearing early in ads on console. No word yet on when Stripe or Adam will appear, although they’re both expected sometime during this season. Before Gizmo, the latest fighter to arrive was Rick And Morty’s Morty Smith. His grandpa Rick is also planned for this season.

Keep an eye on Ollie’s MultiVersus tier list to see where Gizmo places among the best characters in the game. We rated the licensed brawler as one of the top free games on PC, and listed it on our 25 best multiplayer games for our favourite beige boxes too. Not shabby for a game that's been out for less than two months.

MultiVersus is free-to-play on Steam and the Epic Games Store. You can find the full patch notes for the latest update here.

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