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Hitman 3 Chongqing Walkthrough: All mission stories in End Of An Era

All the Chongqing missions.

In the Hitman 3 End Of An Era mission, set in Chongqing, you’ll be able to complete three ‘Mission Stories’ for specially-designed ways to commit brutal, silent murder. Some parts of it don’t seem to lead directly to kills though, and you’ll sometimes need to take a couple extra steps after the mission has been completed. Don’t fret though! Just follow these steps and you’ll be able to complete all mission stories in Hitman 3’s Chongqing level.

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All-Seeing Eyes

In All-Seeing Eyes, a drone has crashed on the roof of a building.

Here’s a nice walkthrough to completing the All-Seeing Eyes mission in Chongqing. In this one, the toughest bit will probably be getting used to the sniper rifle and how much you have to lead your shots for hitting the drones. Here’s how to complete All-Seeing Eyes in Chongqing:

  • You’ll need to get onto the roof of the laundromat. In order to do this, find your way to the laundromat (on the north-west side of the map), and go through the door locked by the keypad. The code here is 0118.
  • You’re now technically trespassing, so be careful and avoid getting spotted by the enemy. If you aren’t going for a suit only run, knock a guy out and grab their clothes if you fancy.
  • Climb all the way to the roof and scan the broken drone with your camera. You can get up here either by the stairs or via a pipe next to a large box.
  • Now it’s up to you to take down some more of these drones. Thankfully, the fella downstairs has a sniper rifle, so pop back down the stairs and nab his gear - it’s in the right-hand corner. You can distract him with a coin or just knock him out, your call.
  • Once you have the sniper, climb back up to the top. Get the rifle out and shoot down some drones. This is a tough bit - you’ll need to lead your shots to ensure they go down, and it can take a bit of trial and error. Thankfully, the guy downstairs won’t notice regardless. The sniper you stole from him has 4 different zoom levels too, so use the D-pad to switch between these while you’re aiming.
  • There are a few more drones to shoot down, all in plain sight from your vantage point. Once you have the hang of how snipers work, this should be child’s play. Then, listen in on Royce’s phone call.
  • There’ll be two more drones to shoot down, but first a bunch of enemies will come and search the roof to make sure it’s Hush doing the naughty shooting.
  • There are plenty of ways to hide, but the one I used was dangling off the ledge where the original busted drone was. Shimmy a bit to the side and the enemies investigating the area won’t see you, so they’ll get bored and leave after taking the chip from the drone.
  • Once they’re gone, get the gun back out and shoot down two more drones. These ones will be near Hush’s building, to the left of the previous ones.
  • Be careful to avoid hitting the two innocent people talking near the drones, especially if you’re going for a high score.
  • Now you just need to wait a while. Imogen Royce will get Hush to meet her on a walkway where, conveniently, you have a great line of sight for them both. Look for the lotus passage - the walkway above the giant neon lotus flower. Wait it out, and they’ll line up perfectly so you can shoot them both in the head if you’re quick - one, shot two kills. Even if you miss, there’ll be ample time to follow up and kill the second person.
  • Now all that’s left is to head back to safety and escape - you can do this without hurting anyone too if you fancy - all the guards should be easy to sneak behind.

Impulse Control

Hush sits in his chair in the Hitman 3 Impulse Control mission.

The Impulse Control mission has you breaking Hush’s entire brain with his own weird experimental cognitive magic. I guess he had to find something to do after presumably making millions in cryptocurrency. Here’s a walkthrough of the Impulse Control mission for your perusal:

  • To do the Impulse Control mission, you’ll first need to disguise yourself as one of the local homeless people, as you hear them talking about doing some kind of experiment.
  • Once you’re dressed the part, go to ‘The Block’. This can be found from the place where you overhear the homeless guy talking about the experiment. Head north, turn left and go west, and then left again. Here, you’ll see ‘The Block’ and be allowed in after being frisked.
  • Follow the staff upstairs and sit in the office until they’re ready for you.
  • It turns out you aren’t needed for today. That won’t do!
  • Instead of following the guard out of the building, turn right and go down the stairs. There, you’ll find a street guard uniform on the right hand side of the room with the workbench. You’ve now shaken off the guard guiding you to the exit, so head to the other side of the floor you were on and unlock the door to upstairs with a crowbar or lockpick.
  • This section is pretty inconsistent when it comes to trespassing - sometimes it’ll claim you’re trespassing when you aren’t, so make sure you save regularly.
  • Now you’re upstairs, you’ll want to change outfit again so you belong here. This is pretty tough, but look for block guards with their blue coveralls. In the main corridor, you should see two talking to each other. Stand out in the open for just long enough that the one looking at you comes over to check you out. The other guy is facing sideways, so won’t see you subdue this guard from behind cover and take his clothes. Now you can walk through the security camera to the right of the stairs without being caught trespassing.
  • Now you’re on the top floor, head to the bathroom. Turn right as you enter the room with Hush doing the tests, and you’ll find the test subject. Knock him out, hide him in the cupboard, and put his clothes on.
  • Go to Junli, the researcher at the desk in the main testing room, and talk to her to start the testing. She’ll call Sister Lei up, and you just need to wait around for a bit.
  • Sit in the chair and the mission story will say it’s complete. However, when you follow the button prompts to resist, the experimentation will stop before Hush can overdo it and break his brain! Dreadful.
  • You’ll have to do something else to sort things out. Junli is the reason we haven’t turned up the power, so you’ll need to take her out unseen. Wait until no one is looking - Junli will be wandering around - knock her out, and hide her in a cupboard. It isn’t too hard to do, most of the rest of the people in the room leave at this point. I did it by waiting for her to stand outside the bathroom door, silently knocking her out, and then putting the body in the bathroom with the test subject.
  • Now it’s just a waiting game. Hush will go downstairs, get Sister Lei, and bring her back for one last test. Resist two more times, and Hush will die.
  • Now you just need to escape the building. A block guard will come in and tell you he has to get you out of there, so just follow him and you’ll be back out on the streets, ready to commit more murder or escape for good.

Certainty Principle

Imogen Royce shows off her screen of fireable employees in Hitman 3's Certainty Principle mission.

Certainty Principle is a Chongqing mission story that gets you access to Imogen Royce, and lets you kill her unseen. In order to do it, you’ll need to head to the restaurant in the south-west side of the map. Here’s a walkthrough to help you out:

  • Certainty Principle has you disguising yourself as a new ICA member, infiltrating the facility, and killing Imogen Royce in the process. Sounds pretty solid.
  • Listen to the man talking in the restaurant. He’ll need a P41 form from his apartment, so you should go and nab it from his room.
  • Cross the road, turn right, and jump into the open window on the building’s ground floor. Exit the Zhao’s apartment through their front door.
  • Climb the stairs and input the passcode on the locked door. The code is 0118, and is the same code for every passcode in ICA facilities. Real secure, folks.
  • Enter the bedroom and pick up the ICA form at the foot of the bed. You can also get a bit of backstory by listening to Mr. Prichard’s answering machine.
  • Head back across the road to the restaurant. Enter the bathroom on the left-back wall as you enter and pick up the emetic rat poison.
  • You’ll need Mr. Prichard’s clothes, so sneak to the back of the kitchen and knock out the chef, taking his outfit and putting him in the box next to him.
  • Go to the bowl next to the bell and prepare Mr. Prichard’s food, poisoning it before ringing the bell.
  • This’ll make the poor guy sick, so follow him into the bathroom, bash his head in, hide the body in the box, and take his clothes.
  • Go back to the tour guide and follow her, but don’t stray too far or she’ll stop dead in her tracks asking where you’ve gone.
  • Drop your guns if you have any - you’ll need to get frisked here. There’s a handy bin at the bottom of the staircase if you need.
  • Give the guide your P41 form and go get frisked. Head on through and wait for the guide to join you. Continue following her.
  • Now, you’ll need to do some quick hacking before your cover is blown. First, use your camera to hack the frosted glass in the small room on the left hand side of the corridor, then use the laptop on the outside of the glass to get rid of your evidence.
  • Just continue following the guide, until she brings you to Royce. Now, follow Imogen Royce.
  • Imogen will tell you about the regular maintenance that evaporates all biological matter in the core room. Sounds like an accident waiting to happen, so keep this in mind. Sounds like you need to disable the safety mechanism before activating the kill switch.
  • Imogen will then take you to a room where you can fire employees and predict their movements and actions. It turns out one of the people when fired will switch off the safety mechanism, and the other will distract Imogen’s personal bodyguard.
  • So basically, you need to fire the people in the following order once Royce has gone back down to the core room: Jeremy Bolt, Alicia Reynolds, Sharon Reed. That’s right, Imogen Royce has set up a ludicrously elaborate death trap for herself.
  • Keep an eye on the bottom-right camera in the setup to ensure Imogen is in the server room when you fire Sharon Reed, and you’ll have absolutely got her. Now you just have to escape the building.

That’s all for our Hitman 3 Chongqing walkthrough! While you’re here, why not have a look at more of our Hitman 3 guides? We have all kinds of guides on the game, including how to get the Another Death In The Family achievement, as well as a Dubai walkthrough to get all the missions you need.

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