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Minecraft Dungeons emeralds guide: best farming locations

Best emerald farming build

When you kill an enemy in Minecraft Dungeons, there is a high chance that green gems will scatter everywhere. These are emeralds and they act as the game's currency. So why do you need emeralds?

Well the main reason is to exchange them with the Blacksmith or the Wandering Trader at the camp for a random weapon, random armour piece, or random artefact. Since they are randomised and you'll have the chance to get unique weapons quickly this way, you'll want as many emeralds as possible.

Minecraft Dungeons emeralds guide

Our Minecraft Dungeons emeralds guide will give you tips for emerald farming including an emerald farming build to try out, and where the best missions to emerald farm are.

Minecraft Dungeons emeralds

Enchantments and unique items that give more emeralds

Certain enchantments and unique items have some effects that can give you a better chance to give you an increased chance to get tons of emeralds. Here are the known enchantments and unique items that can increase your yield of emeralds for defeating enemies.

  • Prospector (Melee enchantment)
  • Diamond Pickaxe (Unique weapon)
  • The Last Laugh (Unique weapon)

Minecraft Dungeons emerald build

If you can somehow get The Last Laugh unique weapon with the Prospector melee enchantment, you have a greatly increased chance to give you a better chance of farming emeralds quickly. The Last Laugh is a sickle weapon that boasts a high attack speed, so should cut down  I'd also look into any enchantments that increase your attack speed.

If you're looking for builds for your hero that are focused on dealing damage rather than farming emeralds, I recommend checking out our Minecraft Dungeons best builds guide.

Minecraft Dungeons emerald grinding tips

Finally, before we conclude this guide, here are our top five emerald grinding tips so you can make a fortune as quickly as possible.

  1. Stick to the higher difficulty tiers. You'll have a lot more enemies on screen at any given time, meaning more chances to farm emeralds.
  2. I'd also recommend playing levels where the types of enemies encountered are easy to defeat. You don't get any more emeralds for defeating tougher enemies. The easiest levels to grind emeralds are Creeper Woods, Soggy Swamp, and Pumpkin Pastures, though I also like Desert Temple for its many vases to break.
  3. An alternative strategy in the late-game is to repeat some levels at lower difficulties. The idea is to get as many items as possible, then salvage them for emeralds. Since the item's rarity is all that affects the price, it doesn't matter if that item has a lower power level.
  4. Due to the size of the secret mission: Creepy Crypt, this can also be a good option for emerald grinding. The number of chests present in this secret level can exceed the chest counter on the map screen. Learn how to unlock it in our Minecraft Dungeons secret levels guide.
  5. You can increase your attack speed even more by equipping a Death Cap Mushroom. This will help you slice through enemies quickly.
  6. Find every single chest and vase in every level. Each one gives you a lot of emeralds. You should also add the one chest pig per level, as this piggy bank erupts emeralds when broken open.

Minecraft Dungeons emeralds

Minecraft Dungeons guide series

Thanks for reading our Minecraft Dungeons emerald guide. You'll find plenty more guides for the game in the section below, so do check them out.

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