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Minecraft Dungeons best builds guide

Firework ranger, Soul mage, and more builds below

Combining your gear, enchantments, and artefacts in Minecraft Dungeons is what makes it fun to play. Sometimes you'll find a particular combination that just works really well.

The best builds are those that quickly defeat enemies, make short work of bosses, and make your hero incredibly powerful.

Minecraft Dungeons best builds guide

Our Minecraft Dungeons best builds guide aims to showcase all of the best builds in the game. We've got four of our favourite builds to start you off with, including one that will constantly heal your hero.

If you want to try creating your own build, check out our Minecraft Dungeons armorMinecraft Dungeons armorMinecraft Dungeons enchantments, and Minecraft Dungeons artifacts guides respectively.

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If you have any favourite builds, do leave a comment with a full build (in text form please) below and we may feature it in a future update.

High DPS gauntlets build

  • Melee weapon: Gauntlets
  • Melee weapon enchantments: Weakening, and Critical Hit
  • Ranged weapon: Any Scatter Crossbow.
  • Ranged weapon enchantments: Multishot, Bonus Fire, and Fuse Bolt
  • Armour: Evocation Robe
  • Armour enchantments: Cool Down x2, and Protection
  • Artefacts: Firework Arrows, Wind Horn, and Death Cap Mushroom

Our High DPS gauntlets build requires some very specific enchantments, but once you've got them, you'll be an unstoppable punching machine. You won't be able to get it until you've completed the game at least once, but from that point on you'll be able to unlock the Gauntlets and Powerful enchantments.

The idea here is to abuse the timer on the Death Cap Mushroom, thanks to the Evocation Robe's natural cooldown ability and the multiple stacks of the Cool Down enchantment. You'll be able to activate the mushroom again and again, without the buff it gives running out.

This speeds up your attack speed dramatically, which means that the gauntlet's Critical Hit chance triggers more often. Firework arrows help with distant foes, while the Wind Horn keeps large groups away from you if you get hurt.

Healing gauntlets build

  • Melee weapon: Gauntlets
  • Melee weapon enchantments: Radiance, Leech, and Critical Hit/Echo
  • Ranged weapon: Any Scatter Crossbow
  • Ranged weapon enchantments: Multishot, Bonus Fire, and Fuse Bolt
  • Armour: Evocation Robe
  • Armour enchantments: Cool Down x2, and Chilling
  • Artefacts: Firework Arrows, Wind Horn, and Death Cap Mushroom

This is a variant on our high DPS gauntlets build that requires some specific enchantments for the melee weapons, but it does combat its main weakness: arrows. Because it's constantly healing from triggering Radiance often (thanks to the increased attack speed from Death Cap Mushroom), any hits it takes from arrows will instantly be healed.

Leech will also heal damage taken for every enemy killed, but the health healed is not as much as what you get from Radiance. If you find a large clump of enemies, the Firework Arrows are good at clearing them up, while the Wind Horn can knock back smaller enemies and slows down all enemy attacks including bosses.

Firework ranger build

  • Melee weapon: Any weapon that hits multiple targets, such as a Great Hammer, Axe, or Claymore.
  • Melee weapon enchantments: Chains, Committed, and Freezing
  • Ranged weapon: Scatter Crossbow or any unique ranged weapon with "Multiple projectiles".
  • Ranged weapon enchantments: Multishot, Fuse Bolt, and Accelerate/Rapid Fire
  • Armour: Hunter's Armour/Evocation Robe
  • Armour enchantments: Cool Down, Snowball, and Swiftfooted
  • Artefacts: Firework Arrows, Shock Powder, and Death Cap Mushroom

The Firework Ranger build is one that anyone can make early on in the game and is for those who really want to make an entrance. Artefacts and certain weapon types can be combined to make artefacts better. This includes any artefact that adds arrows to the quiver and the Firework Arrow is a great one to combine with ranged weapon effects. This build turns one explosive arrow into a whole firework display, knocking big groups of enemies all around the place.

The rest of this build is focused on reducing cooldown so you can launch fireworks more often, as well as artefacts to keep enemies from getting too close. You also have a choice between using armour that increases your arrow count (Hunter's Armour) or one that reduces cooldown times (Evocation Robe).

Soul Mage build

  • Melee weapon: Soul Knife
  • Melee weapon enchantments: Leeching, Echo, and Weakening
  • Ranged weapon: Soul Crossbow/Soulbow
  • Ranged weapon enchantments: Multishot, Infinity, and Piercing
  • Armour: Soul Robe
  • Armour enchantments: Health Synergy, Fire Trail, and Potion Barrier
  • Artefacts: Death Cap Mushroom, Corrupted Beacon or Lightning Rod, and Soul Healer

This Soul Mage build wants to harvest as many souls from enemies as is physically possible. Through the Soul Knife, Soul Crossbow, and Soul Robe, these will refill that bar quickly. You can then unleash magic by using the Corrupted Beacon or Lightning Rod on enemies. Since the Soul Knife is quite slow, the Death Cap Mushroom increases your attack speed significantly.

The other items in this build aim to keep you as healthy as possible. The Soul Healer artefact can tap into collected souls to restore your health, while the Health Synergy ability gives you some health after using artefacts, and Potion Barrier gives you a huge defensive buff after using a potion.

Minecraft Dungeons builds

Minecraft Dungeons guide series

Thanks for reading our Minecraft Dungeons builds guide. There will be more builds coming over the next few weeks. In the meantime, you'll find plenty more guides for the game in the section below, so do check them out.

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