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Best SMG in Modern Warfare 2

Discover the best SMG in Modern Warfare 2

Looking for the best SMG in Modern Warfare 2? SMGs have long reigned supreme in Call of Duty, and Modern Warfare 2 is no different. With a low time to kill and incredibly fast-paced gameplay, most SMGs available in the beta have settled at the top of the Modern Warfare 2 meta. If you want to rack up quick kills and dominate in every game, you’ll need to know the best SMG in Modern Warfare 2.

In this guide, we explain the best SMG in Modern Warfare 2, so that you can throw it into your loadout and tear through the enemy team with speed and power.

Best SMG in Modern Warfare 2

The best SMG in Modern Warfare 2 is the Lachmann Sub. That might not sound familiar, but the Lachmann Sub is Modern Warfare 2’s version of the MP5. It’s ferociously fast and capable of unleashing huge damage at lightning speed. Since the time to kill is incredibly fast in Modern Warfare 2, you should be able to drop enemies with just a few hits from the Lachmann Sub, making it the ideal weapon to use as you charge around corners and blitz through the map.

Below, you can see our ranked list of the best SMGs in Modern Warfare 2:

  1. Lachmann Sub
  2. FSS Hurricane
  3. Fennec 45

Lachmann Sub - best SMG

Modern Warfare 2 beta screenshot showing the Lachmann Sub in a weapon container, with the stats on the left.

The Lachmann Sub isn't just the best SMG. It's one of the best guns in Modern Warfare 2 as of the beta, as it can get kills at lightning speed. We've already explain that a bunch up above, so we'll point you towards our best Lachmann Sub loadout in Modern Warfare 2 instead.

With attachments such as the FTAC M-Sub 12" and the SA Schalldampfer 99 suppressor, you can snag kills even faster and dominate in every match. If you want to remain competitive and use the meta guns in Modern Warfare 2, you'll need the Lachmann Sub in your loadout.

FSS Hurricane

Modern Warfare 2 beta screenshot showing the FSS Hurricane in a weapon container, with the stats on the left.

While the Lachmann Sub is the best SMG right now, the FSS Hurricane is also a very strong contender and currently ranks at S tier on our list of the best guns. With plenty of time to tweak both weapons between the beta and launch, we could see the FSS Hurricane take the crown when Modern Warfare 2 arrives in October.

The FSS Hurricane already has some advantages over the Lachmann Sub, with a 50-round magazine, increased damage, and better range making those with the FSS Hurricane more capable of holding objectives and busy lanes. The Lachmann Sub takes the top spot thanks to its speed and control, but it's tight between the two.

Fennec 45

The Fennec 45 currently ranks as the worst SMG in the Modern Warfare 2 beta, as it can't compete with the other options mentioned above. The FSS Hurricane has a larger magazine that can hold 50-rounds, making it an absolute powerhouse that can unleash a storm of shots at a group enemies, while the Lachmann Sub allows you to move faster and has more control.

The Fennec 45 does fire fast, but the shots are a little too weak to feel impactful. It also doesn't have much range, meaning you might struggle in some of Modern Warfare 2's wider maps. The lower recoil control when compared to the other SMGs doesn't help in this regard, making it much harder to land shots when engaging with enemies from a distance. The Fennec 45 could see changes and improvements between the second beta weekend and launch, but we'd recommend choosing either the Lachmann Sub or the FSS Hurricane for the remainder of the beta.

That wraps up our guide on the best SMG in Modern Warfare 2. You'll need more than just one gun if you want to consistently top the scoreboards, though. If you want to build the best loadout, take a look at our lists of the best killstreaks and best perks in the Modern Warfare 2. If you're still trying to unlock all of this gear, check out our guide on how to level up fast in Modern Warfare 2. For a well-rounded gun that'll help see you through all this ranking up, check out our best Modern Warfare 2 M4 loadout guide.

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