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How to get the Great Katana in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

Here's how to find the Great Katana at the start of Shadow of the Erdtree

An Elden Ring Tarnished in the distinctive Lionel's Armor wields a Great Katana.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Bandai Namco

Looking for the Great Katana in Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree? From the moment you step out into the Shadow Realm of Elden Ring's massive new expansion, you'll be confronted with a host of new foes who will put your tried and true weapons to the test. Luckily, there are several useful new weapons available at the onset of Shadow Of The Erdtree, and one of these is the Great Katana, a hidden sword well worth hunting down for all melee blade users.

It's fairly easy to pick up this giant blade immediately after entering the Shadow Realm, though you'd best be careful not to annoy the mighty foe who guards it. Read on, and we'll tell you how exactly.

How to get the Great Katana in Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree

The location of the Great Katana on the Shadow of the Erdtree map.
Technically, it's just a trek northward from where you start the DLC. | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Bandai Namco

Shadow Of the Erdtree starts you off in Gravesite Plains, an eerie region populated by gravestones and deadly Furnace Golems meandering in the background. To find the Great Katana, follow the path north either on foot or atop Torrent. Veer northwest and don't cross the bridge that leads to Castle Ensis, and you'll eventually come upon the ruins of Ailing Village.

West of the village in the nearby swampy lake lies the skeletal Ghostflame Dragon, which is visible from the overlooking cliffs. Hop down in the water and approach the nearby corpse and you'll find the Great Katana. It's possible to pick it up without attracting the attention of the Ghostflame Dragon, but if you do invoke the ire of this bony enemy, feel free to take the opportunity to test out your new sword as you dodge its breath attacks.

An Elden Ring Tarnished stands next to the Ghostflame Dragon and a corpse containing the Great Katana.
This is the corpse you're looking for. Take care not to walk right into the giant Ghostflame Dragon neighbour. | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Bandai Namco

Great Katana description and stats

The Great Katana represents a new weapon type that's a step above regular Katanas. This is a high quality, extremely long blade that your Tarnished will rest against their shoulder, in the classical image of a samurai about to go into battle. Despite the name, the Great Katana isn't as obscenely long as the Nagakiba, arguably one of the best Katanas in Elden Ring's base game, but it boasts excellent Physical attack power and a great range for inflicting overhead slashes and pierces.

Like normal Katanas, the Great Katana is a solid weapon for targeting multiple enemies in close proximity at once. If you were a Katana user in Elden Ring's base game and ended up relying on the likes of the Hand of Malenia, the Great Katana is a fine alternate weapon to switch to as you start to tackle the tougher challenges that Shadow of the Erdtree throws at you. Try testing the Great Katana out with a new bleed build for maximum damage output.

A Tarnished wielding the Great Katana fights enemies in Shadow of the Erdtree.
Try your new Great Katana on these wandering shadows, who make for excellent blade fodder. | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Bandai Namco

Great Katana stats:

TypeGreat Katana
ScalingStr D, Dex D
Requires14 Str, 18 Dex
Attack TypeSlash/Pierce
Can Change Skill?Yes
Upgrade TypeStandard
Attack (Standard):145 Physical
Passive:Blood loss buildup (55)

That's a wrap on picking up the Great Katana in Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree. For a look at top gear in Elden Ring's base game, check out our guide to the 24 best weapons in Elden Ring and how to get them. We've also got tips on how to start Shadow Of The Erdtree, so you can dive right into the Shadow Realm and start collecting new weapons of war as quickly as possible. Alternatively, if you need help with any of the DLC's quests, check out our guides on the Thiollier, Ymir, Leda and Moore questlines.

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