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Monster Hunter World Iceborne Glavenus guide

Cuts through like butter

Glavenus is yet another returning monster for Monster Hunter World Iceborne, and this one is rather unique. The main gimmick here is that Glavenus likes to use its massive tail like a cleaver, igniting it for extra power, and burning anything it touches. It also has a short temper and will frequently become enraged, making its attacks deadlier.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Glavenus guide

Our Monster Hunter World Iceborne Glavenus guide will explain the strategies for defeating the Glavenus, detail all of its weaknesses and resistances, and show the loot table for all the items you can get for defeating this beast.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Glavenus guide contents

Those new to hunting monsters, or if you just need to find a particular monster guide to get up to Hunter Rank 16 - needed to start the Iceborne expansion - should head over to our Monster Hunter World guide hub for a plethora of guides. Once you're ready to begin the expansion, you'll find a few hunters gathered near the gate in Astera.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Glavenus field guide

Glavenus weaknesses and resistances

Glavenus is a creature that likes to ignite its tail with fire, so it should be obvious that fire weapons are just not going to work well against it. You'll want to bring your best water weapons into this fight. None of the ailments are especially good or bad, even blast works just as well against it. If you don't have access to water weapons out of your best equipment, any ailment-based, ice, or dragon weapons have decent effectiveness against it.

While the tail is severable, it is the part that has lots of resistance to regular weapons. The head is the main weak point that you can damage at all times, while the spines it grows while enraged can also be heavily damaged by most weapons. Breakable locations include the head, front claws, and the spines grown while enraged.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Glavenus

How to hunt Glavenus

Glavenus has a large number of attacks that are mostly centred around its massive tail. Your main strategy is to chip away at is armour with Clutch Claw weapon attacks, and counter-attacking after it has performed one of its many moves.

  • When it slams its tail behind it, it will then spin around, while dragging its tail in an arch to ignite it. This attack has a huge radius, so either back off if you're too close, or dash to the back of its legs to avoid the tail swipe.
  • The tail slam attack has very little setup, but its tail will rise up for a short time before it slams it onto the ground. You can avoid the tail slam by dodging to the side.
  • If it opens its mouth, it'll try to bite you with its fiery maw.
  • Glavenus has one attack that's very difficult to dodge. It'll begin by biting its tail for a few seconds, before whipping it around and striking a large range. You can avoid the charged spin by either being as far away as possible, sticking like glue behind its left leg, or a very well timed dive.

Why am I not doing much damage to Glavenus?

This is something I had to learn the hard way by failing the mission and then very nearly failing it a second time. Glavenus has a very hard hide that has armour you need to break through. In order to effectively deal damage to it, you need to weaken its body parts with well timed Clutch Claw attacks. Simply attach yourself by firing the Clutch Claw at the body part you want to attack, then press the weapon attack button to perform a short combo attack. Doing so not only chips off slinger ammunition, but it also makes that body part more vulnerable.

Once you have the slinger ammo, you can then latch onto it again, only this time the aim is to fire off all the slinger ammo at once with a flinch shot, potentially staggering the monster so hard that he hurtles into a nearby wall. You can use the claw attack to change its direction too. Only do this when the monster is stunned or not enraged, as you can't manipulate an enraged monster.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Glavenus

What happens when Glavenus becomes enraged?

Whenever Glavenus becomes enraged, it'll grow spines on its tail (you can also look at the mini-map for a red eye icon). This means that you should be looking out for the tail slam attack as it will now happen twice. As for how to dodge the double tail attack, dodge to the first attack as normal, then dodge in the opposite direction, as the angle of the tail slams is slightly different.

When enraged, Glavenus also becomes a lot more aggressive. Don't try to latch onto it at this point as you won't be able to get a weapon attack in. Instead, focus on dodging all of its attacks and only clutch claw attacking when it stops. You'll want to keep your slinger stocked to knock it down when it calms down to yellow.

There are a few other things to watch out for in this fight, so here are a few more tips:

  • Severing the tail will take off the serrated edge, but it doesn't shorten the range of any of Glavenus' attacks. You can only do so if the tail is ignited.
  • Any of its fire attacks inflict fireblight. To cure fireblight, roll three times or once in water. You could also use Nulberries or Cleanser Booster, but rolling is quicker to do. Have either blight resistance skills or 20 fire resistance to prevent it completely.
  • Pay attention to its throat. If it is glowing, it'll spit out fireballs towards you. You can dodge them by rolling to either side.
  • Fireproof Mantles are effective against reducing fire damage and negating fireblight. Vitality and Temporal Mantles are also decent options.
  • When you are fighting Glavenus in the Ancient Forest, it has a habit of triggering traps. Area 8 has a bunch of vine traps that you can use to make it stationary long enough to hit its head or tail. The suspended boulders in Area 12 can also deal significant damage.
  • When fighting against the Glavenus in the Wildspire Wastes, use a Screamer Pod to send the Glavenus into the sink hole at Area 8. You can then use this to get lots of hits in on vital parts such as the tail.
  • Glavenus has turf wars with Diablos and Black Diablos in the Wildspire Wastes, which you can combine with using the sink hole to deal lots of damage to it.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Glavenus

Glavenus materials

When you've beaten the Glavenus, you'll be able to get a ton of different Glavenus materials. These are all the brand new Master Rank items which are used to make tons of Master Rank gear. Below are all the items that you can get for breaking certain parts/defeating the Glavenus:

Item nameRarity of materials carvedCarving notesRarity of materials gained as rewardsReward notes
Glavenus Shard*****Break forelegs****
Glavenus Cortex********
Glavenus Hardfang***Break head***
Glavenus Hellshell***Break back spines***
Glavenus Tailedge**Carve tail**
Glavenus Mantle*Break head Carve tail*
Molten BursaN/A***

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