Here are the best Black Friday 2016 PC gaming deals

Black Friday 2016 is finally here, and it’s of course the biggest day for deals yet. We’ve rounded up the best below, so if you’re looking for great games or PC hardware, step inside.

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US Black Friday game deals
US Black Friday hardware deals

UK Black Friday game deals
UK Black Friday hardware deals

Black Friday is well underway, and there are already some great deals to pick through below. Find one we’ve missed? Flag it up in the comments. Find a link below to a deal that has since expired? Apologies, but let us know that too and we’ll remove it.

Best US PC Game Deals

The wonderful Rocket League – the best game of 2015, in fact – is now down to ​$12.99 at BundleStars. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is down to $19.99 at Amazon, which is a great price for one of the best RPGs ever made. Similarly, XCOM 2 is the same price at Amazon, and is another recently released game that’s at the peak of its genre. And Dishonored 2 is a physical copy, but $35 for a brand new game that otherwise costs $60 is worth considering at Amazon and Best Buy and Amazon.

Here’s what else is going for cheap right now:

Today’s deals

Still active deals from the week

US PC hardware deals

PCs & VR headsets


Graphics cards, CPUs, Motherboards & SSDs

Mouse & Controllers

Best UK PC Game Deals

Rocket League is currently ​£9.74 from Bundle Stars, which is a great price for the best game from 2015. Deus Ex Mankind Divided, released only a couple of months ago and a great follow up to Human Revolution, is just £24.01 from Green Man Gaming. While Grand Theft Auto V, which has been resistant to price drops for most of its time since release, is just £17.09 from the same site.

DOOM was one of the biggest surprises – and best first-person shooters – of the year, and you can now pick it up for £13.19 via Amazon and £11.31 from Green Man Gaming using code BLACKFRIDAY10. The same code will also net you Fallout 4 from Green Man Gaming for £11.31.

  • DOOM – £13.19
  • DOOM – (Use code BLACKFRIDAY10) – £11.31
  • Fallout 4 – (Use code BLACKFRIDAY10) – £11.31
  • Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – £12.99
  • Grand Theft Auto V on PC (Download) (Use code BLACKFRIDAY10) – £17.09
  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided on PC (Use code BLACKFRIDAY10) – £24.01
  • Here’s the rest of what’s currently available:

    Today’s deals

    Still active deals from the week

    UK PC hardware deals

    The Black Friday hardware deals keep coming, and this is where to check if you’re looking for a new piece of kit to expand or improve your PC. For example, if you want a clicky sound when you press down the keys you could do worse than the Logitech G910 mechanical keyboard available from Amazon for £79.99.

    PCs & VR headsets

  • HTC Vive VR Headset – £100 off – 659
  • Oculus Rift with £100 Free Oculus Store Credit – 549
  • Chillblast Fusion Tracer RX 480 Gaming PC – 699.98
  • Cyberpower Gaming Warfare 1050Ti – 599.99
  • Cyberpower Gaming Battalion 1050Ti ECC01748 – 499.98
  • Save 12% on Alienware Gaming Desktops – Save 12%
  • Monitors

    Graphics cards

    Memory, Motherboards, CPUs & SSDs

    Mouse, Keyboard & Controllers

    When is Black Friday?

    It’s always the day after Thanksgiving, which is the fourth Thursday in November. That means that this year’s Black Friday is on November 25th. But wait! There’ll be deals stretching out over the weekend, too, as well as on ‘Cyber Monday’ at the start of the following week. In fact, many retailers have started extending sales to the weeks before and after the official dates, turning the event into a month long shopping extravaganza. And by ‘extravaganza’ I mean ‘excruciating temptation to finally pick up a GTX 1070’.

    What should you expect from this year’s Black Friday?

    We’ve already looked at how much people are likely to spend in total, but what deals should you be keeping an eye out for personally? Hardware is where you’ll see the best offers – obviously the more something costs normally, the more you’ll save – but there’ll be plenty of cheap games around, too.

    It’s hard to be more specific, as retailers are pretty cagey about what they’ve got planned. That’s not the only problem, as many of the deals that we see won’t have been planned in advance anyway – the sales that each store puts up will be in response to what’s being offered elsewhere. So if no-one pushes the ‘high-end 4k monitors for £200’ button, then no cheap 4k monitors will there be. TechRadar points out that we last saw these ‘Cat and Mouse tactics’ in action on Prime day. Amazon’s competitors talked about launching competitive deals of their own, but ended up largely sitting by. Nevertheless, it’s unlikely that the pressure of Black Friday will result in a similar outcome.

    Remember to check back here for our picks of the best that Black Friday has to offer!

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    1. kud13 says:

      The BLACKFRIDAY11 promo code also works on the Arkham Knight bundle (verified by me), and it reduces the price futther.

      Terrific find, and probably my main purchase this sale.

    2. Jediben says:

      I managed to get in on the Ebuyer Gigabyte 1080Gtx for £499 deal earlier today. GOT TWO!!!

    3. TehK says:

      Of course, there are also some “smaller” titles available in the deals, e.g.:

      Renowned Explorers 12.49€ incl. DLC
      Don’t Starve: 13.65€ for everything
      Inside: 14.99€
      Banner Saga 2: 14.99€
      Mini Metro: 5.99€
      Hexcells 0.89€
      Darkest Dungeon 13.79€
      Westerado: 11.99

      Then there’s also a quite awesome bundle over at Humble Bundle with TIS-100, Infinifactory, Grimrock 2 and Grim Dawn.

      Of course this is a highly subjective list (and the games are also often available without DRM on GoG and the like). I just thought… well, there are a lot of titles currently on sale and it might be worth having a look beyond the front page as well :)

    4. Premium User Badge

      Aitrus says:

      I could have waited 24 hours and gotten Dishonored 2 25 dollars cheaper? -_-

    5. Premium User Badge

      zigguratvertigo says:

      Look, now that it -is- Black Friday, could you maybe stop doing these things? Thanks.