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Storeroom Key location in Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree

How to get and where to use the Storeroom Key in Shadow Of The Erdtree

Screenshot of the Hornsent Grandam within Belurat Tower Settlement in Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree.
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Looking for the Storeroom Key location in Shadow Of The Erdtree? Like the base game, Shadow Of The Erdtree is full of optional areas, hidden details and locked rooms.

You will be able to hunt for one of these secret rooms early on in your playthrough after finding the Storeroom Key. This key is located in one of the first areas you'll explore in the DLC.

If you've stumbled across this key and want to know how to use it, or are looking to find it, then we're here to help. We've got details on the Storeroom Key location and where to use it in Elden Ring.

Shadow Of The Erdtree Storeroom Key location

To get the Storeroom Key, you must travel to the Belurat Tower Settlement in the Gravesite Plains. From the Belurat Tower Settlement Site Of Grace, head east towards the fountain and defeat the enemies, then continue right. There will be a few mages that will cast spells on you from the bridge above. Look out for them as you progress forward, up the pathway. At the end of it, defeat the wraiths and take the passage to the left. Head up the stairs to discover the Small Private Affair Site of Grace.

From there, head right through the archway and watch out for the patrolling soldier, dual-wielding two greatswords. He may pose a challenge but can be stunned. After getting rid of him, head up the stairs and then turn right down a little crevice in-between buildings. Follow the buildings around, watching out for wraiths that like to jump out at you, until you see a stream of filthy water and an archway gated off.

You'll know you're in the right area if the water is running off the tower edge in the form of a little waterfall. Turn right at the waterfall, and head into the nearby room. Head up the ladder and then loot the corpse in front of you to get the Storeroom Key.

Here is a visual step-by-step of where to go to get the Storeroom Key in-game.

There's a handy shortcut you can unlock from here. Once you have the key, go through the archway and up the stairs on the right. Turn left at the top of the stairs, go down and to the left set of stairs which lead to a lift. Take the lift down and open the front doors to unlock the main shortcut into the settlement.

Shadow Of The Erdtree Storeroom location

Thankfully, getting to the Storeroom once you have the key is relatively straightforward. From the Small Private Altar Site Of Grace, head through the arch and take the first left (where the mages on the bridge are located).

At the end of the bridge, to the left is the Storeroom. Once inside, you'll notice an unresponsive NPC called Hornsent Grandam.

Mild spoilers ahead for the boss of Belurat.

To talk to the NPC, you must defeat the boss of Belurat, the Divine Beast Dancing Lion at the top of the tower. Once defeated this new boss, wear the Divine Beast Head (helmet) and approach Hornsent Grandam. They will converse with the following dialogue:

Ah, such a joy to smell this scent again... Does a sculpted keeper stand before me? Ohh! As I felt the sacred beast's essence fade, a great anxiety welled up within. Forgive this old woman her foolish fears! Tis such a relief, I cannot express. After an eternity of the mind, our voices have at last reached the heavens. As evinced by thy gracious arrival. I implore, vessel of the sacred beast... Have my son accompany thee to war. And dance thy dance of beauteous choler. Take vengeance upon Messmer and his lot. They who betrayed us, aye, they who burned us... Let them face in thy wrath their just deserts. My song will I service to thee.

After speaking to her she will grant you the Watchful Spirit Incantation. This requires 26 Faith to cast and summons a guardian spirit above the caster's head.

Remember to exhaust all dialogue as she may also offer you a Scorpion Stew which can boost physical negation temporarily and gradually restore HP. From the item description, it is a consumable dish, typically traditional amongst the Hornsent.

If you eat or throw the dish away and then rest at a Site Of Grace, return to Horsent Grandam and she will gift you another. The dish can be gifted to Hornsent at the Three-Path Cross Site Of Grace at the Gravesite Plains in return for Furnace Visage - an extremely rare crafting component.

Other than this, there doesn't seem to be any other notable items in the Storeroom besides a shortcut via a door onto the main pathway.

That rounds off our guide to getting the Storeroom Key and unlocking the Storeroom in Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree. For more Elden Ring tips and tricks, check out our best weapons, best armor, Talismans, builds or boss locations guides. Alternatively, if you need help with the DLC's quests, head to our walkthroughs for the Leda, Ymir and Thiollier quests.

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