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Dryleaf Dane questline guide - Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree

Here is the full Dryleaf Dane quest walkthrough in Shadow Of The Erdtree

A closeup view of Dryleaf Dane and a Tarnished in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Bandai Namco

Looking for a full rundown of the Dryleaf Dane quest in Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree? Dryleaf Dane is a taciturn NPC in Shadow Of The Erdtree who specialises in martial arts. A monk of the Dryleaf Sect, he says little throughout the game but plays a notable role in the narrative as a key follower of Miquella.

For those who want to unlock Hand-to-Hand Arts, a new weapon variety that finally brings martial arts techniques to Elden Ring, completing Dryleaf Dane's questline is a necessity. Below, we've outlined a full walkthrough which includes all quest steps and rewards.

Dryleaf Dane quest steps

Below is an overview of all the steps you need to take to complete the Dryleaf Dane questline in Shadow Of the Erdtree. You can either use this as a checklist or scroll below to read a more in-depth walkthrough.

Here are the steps needed to complete Dryleaf Dane's questline in Elden Ring:

  1. Collect the Monk's Missive and the "May The Best Win" Gesture at the Highroad Cross.
  2. Head to Moorth Ruins and challenge Dryleaf Dane with the "May The Best Win" Gesture.
  3. Defeat Dryleaf Dane in combat.
  4. Progress through the game normally and defeat Dryleaf Dane a second time in Enir-Ilim.

Important: Start Dryleaf Dane's quest before Enir-Ilim

Dryleaf Dane's questline is brief compared to other NPCs in Shadow Of The Erdtree, but it's still possible to accidentally keep yourself from finishing it if you progress too far in the main story before completing all of the above steps.

To ensure that you manage to obtain all of the martial arts items that Dryleaf Dane has to offer, interact with him in the Moorth Ruins before you reach Enir-Ilim and burn the Sealing Tree.

Where to find Dryleaf Dane

A map showing the Highroad Cross and Moorth Ruins, two locations relevant to Dryleaf Dane's questline in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree.
You'll need to stop by the Highroad Cross and then Moorth Ruins to confront Dryleaf Dane. | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Bandai Namco

You won't meet Dryleaf Dane until you enter Scadu Altus, which makes up the central region of the Land of Shadow. To get there, progress through Castle Ensis or the Fort of Reprimand. Once you're in Scadu Altus, go to the Highroad Cross Site of Grace. There will be items on the ground near the Site of Grace; pick them up and then check your inventory.

You should have two things - the "May The Best Win" gesture, and a mysterious message called the Monk’s Missive. This is a challenge from Dryleaf Dan that reads: "Seek me to the east if you wish to pursue the way of the warrior. When you find me, you will challenge me to a bout. There is no need for words."

A screenshot of the inventory menu of Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree, showing the Monk's Missive.
You won't be able to challenge Dryleaf Dane until you get the Monk's Missive. | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Bandai Namco

Ever the cryptic fellow, Dryleaf Dane doesn't say where in the east you need to go. You'll have to reach the Moorth Ruins Site of Grace to actually meet him in the flesh. If you try talking him, he'll say nothing. Instead, use the "May The Best Win" gesture in front of him to start combat.

Aside from this meeting in the Moorth Ruins, you can encounter Dryleaf Dane as a summonable NPC during the boss fight against Romina, Saint of the Bud. For more on tackling Romina, see our guide to the locations of all Shadow of the Erdtree bosses.

How to beat Dryleaf Dane

Once you actually initiate combat with Dryleaf Dane, you'll be transported to a otherworldly arena. Dane will immediately start targeting you with one of three attacks - a flying punch, a series of twin jump kicks, and a spinning kick. The punch can be dodged by rolling around Dane, while the kicks can be avoided by rolling backwards.

The Tarnished battles Dryleaf Dane in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree.
Dane can be staggered, so aim to interrupt him before he can hit you with his kicks. | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Bandai Namco

Dryleaf Dane is not difficult to defeat if you can lay into him with a solid series of melee blows. As he's only wearing robes, his Poise is not particularly high, and you can interrupt his movements and stagger him if you stay aggressive with your attacks.

You mostly want to be wary of his jump kicks and his spinning kick, both of which will take a massive chunk out of your health bar. If you're feeling brave, try countering him in mid-air right before he unleashes his jump kicks, as this will stun him and give you much time to unleash followup strikes.

Once you've beaten Dryleaf Dane, you'll be transported back to the Moorth Ruins with the Dryleaf Arts and Dane's Hat as your rewards.

How to meet and beat Dryleaf Dane a second time

You will automatically run into Dryleaf Dane a second time in Shadow Of The Erdtree's late game - more specifically, in Enir-Ilim during the gang fight against Leda and the various other followers of Miquella. For more information on navigating Enir-Ilim and the challenges within, see our Site Of Grace guide and our boss locations guide.

While the combatants in the Enir-Ilim fight vary depending on what sidequests you completed, Dryleaf Dane will always be present. Fighting Dryleaf Dane a second time requires the same strategies that you used to take him down in the Moorth Ruins. This fight is a great deal more chaotic depending on its participants, however, so be sure to keep an extra close eye out for Dane's spinning kicks.

Once you bring Dane down a second time for good, you'll obtain Dane's Footwork, the Dryleaf Robe, Dryleaf Arm Wraps, and the Dryleaf Cuissardes.

Dryleaf Dane questline rewards

A Tarnished stands equipped with Dryleaf Dane's hat and fistwraps in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree.
My Tarnished wears Dryleaf Arts and Dane's Hat, both obtained after the first fight against Dryleaf Dane. | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Bandai Namco

You'll receive the following gear for defeating Dryleaf Dane in the Moorth Ruins:

  • Dryleaf Arts: Hand-to-Hand martial arts weapon.
  • Dane's Hat: Helm.

You'll receive the following gear for defeating Dryleaf Dane in Enir-Ilim:

  • Dane's Footwork: Hand-to-Hand martial arts weapon.
  • Dryleaf Robe: Chest armour.
  • Dryleaf Arm Wraps: Gauntlet.
  • Dryleaf Cuissardes: Leg armor.

Dryleaf Arts and Dane's Footwork are the only two martial arts weapons in Shadow Of The Erdtree that we've found. For more information on using them to deliver potent punches and kicks to your enemies, see our guide on martial arts weapons.

That finishes up our guide on the Dryleaf Dane questline in Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree. For more Elden Ring tips and tricks, check out our best weapons, best armor, Talismans, or best builds guides.

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