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Feature: The Cube Route

Mavis Minecraft Teaches Coding – Part 4

Duncan Geere is going to be taking class this morning, students. If you missed any notes for this lesson, you can find them here. Please open you Minecrafts to page 57.Welcome to the fourth, and final, coding tutorial for ComputerCraft! If you've been following the series, you'll now know how to navigate the operating system, save and load programs, use monitors, use disk drives, and…

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Feature: 30 GOTO 10

Mavis Minecraft Teaches Coding – Part 3

The man with wires in his brain, Duncan Geere, is here with the third part of our guide for learning programming with Minecraft. You can catch up with the whole series here.Welcome to part three of the RPS guide to learning how to code in Minecraft. If you've been following the tutorials so far, you should have a decent grasp of the basics of coding…

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Feature: This is like when you'd copy code out of Speccy mags!

Mavis Minecraft Teaches Coding – Part 2

Duncan Geere returns with the second part of his guide to coding in Minecraft (first part here).Welcome back! When I left you last week, you'd built a computer, explored the filesystem and written your first program. That was easy, so it's time to climb the next rung on the difficulty ladder.Today, we're going to make a passworded door, an alarm that notifies you when intruders…

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Feature: Learn to code the easy-ish way

Mavis Minecraft Teaches Coding – Part 1

Actually this isn't written by someone called Mavis, but instead by RPS chum and former Wired staffer Duncan Geere, who you may remember from his Sim City 2000 retrospective. In this first of four parts, he takes you through the ropes of basic coding via the modern marvel that is Minecraft. Everything's done in game, and it all begins by punching a tree. Take it…

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