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Apex Legends crossplay date and supported platforms

When is crossplay coming, and how will it work?

We've known that crossplay is coming to Apex Legends for quite some time, but as its release draws ever-nearer, we thought it would be good to go over everything we know about how crossplay will work. Which platforms are supported? What will this mean for Apex console players? Can you opt-out? Is cross-progress and cross-purchasing supported? You'll find the answers to all these and other questions below in our Apex Legends crossplay guide.

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In this Apex Legends crossplay guide:

These are the five platforms which will be supported in Apex Legends crossplay.

Apex Legends crossplay date

The date of release for crossplay in Apex Legends is not yet set, but we do know it will be happening sometime this Autumn. The crossplay release will most likely tie in with the release of Apex Legends on Steam, Switch, and Mobile, all of which are expected to happen within the next two or three months.

There's a rumour flying around that crossplay for Apex will be arriving around 15th September - very soon indeed. However, others are saying it's more likely that all this will coincide with the launch of Season 7, which should happen sometime in mid-November.

Which platforms are supported?

Apex Legends will support crossplay across the following platforms:

  • Origin
  • Steam
  • PS4
  • Xbox One
  • Nintendo Switch

It seems like launching Apex Legends through Steam will open up Origin in the background, which may ruffle a few Steamy feathers - but a healthy selection of supported platforms nonetheless.

How will crossplay actually work when it arrives in Apex Legends?

How will crossplay in Apex Legends work?

As with crossplay in all competitive games, there have been (and will continue to be) doubts, rumours, and concerns about crossplay coming to Apex Legends in the coming months.

Prime among them is the potential for handicaps on either side. Console players are typically seen as getting the short end of the stick in crossplay situations, as the keyboard and mouse allows you to be much more precise in FPS games like Apex. Not to mention the potential advantages of a higher refresh rate and field of view. But we've also seen in other games such as Fortnite and Call Of Duty: Warzone that PC players can have just as much reason to be salty depending on the power of the aim-assist built into the game.

To help reduce saline levels all around, Respawn have made the decision that console players will only be matched with PC players if they have at least one PC player in their squad. So if you're in a full squad of thumbsticks, then you'll be matched only against thumbsticks. However, Respawn haven't yet spoken on whether players can straight-up opt-out of crossplay in Apex Legends if they wanted.

What Respawn did tell players all the way back in February 2019 when Apex Legends was first released is that while crossplay will be supported, cross-progression will not. So you won't be able to keep all your unlocks or your Battle Pass progression when switching platforms. This will be sad news for some players, we're sure - but Respawn are hoping that the benefits of crossplay (prime among them being a huge boost in player pools, which will also help with skill-based matchmaking) will outweigh any drawbacks.

And that's all we know so far on the topic of crossplay in Apex Legends - but our wealth of knowledge on Apex as a whole is far, far larger. Take a look at our guide series below for top tips on every aspect of Respawn's top-tier battle royale!

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