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Tom Clancy's The Division 2

4 days ago


The Division 2 best builds – Nemesis PVP build, LMG PVE build

With Raids being introduced in The Division 2, you'll want the best gear on you to survive them, as well as ones for the Occupied Dark Zones, or any of the other PVP/PVE stuff in the game. Plenty of decent builds have cropped up around the internet since release and our aim is to give you the best ones to put into one place.

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The Division 2 Exotic weapons locations – Nemesis Exotic Rifle, Hyena Key locations

New weapons were bound to come into The Division 2 eventually and one of the best, if most elusive has to be the Nemesis Sniper Rifle. But how do you get it? These legendary guns are hard to come by and might not seem like much at first, but with proper care and use they are easily some of the very best death-dealing machines in…

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5 days ago

Feature: Stats galore

The Division 2 weapons/guns – damage stats, The Division 2 best weapons, Exotic weapons list

Some have called The Division 2 one of the loot-n-shooter genre's very best titles, and - whether or not you agree - much of this success is down to the tight gunplay and diverse arsenal of guns and weapons to choose from. As you stalk the streets of Washington D.C., you know at all times that you're only as good as the two primary weapons…

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1 week ago

The Division 2 launches first 8-player raid May 16th

After a few delays to tweak and tune the base game, Ubisoft are just about ready to roll out Operation Dark Hours, the first eight-player raid for The Division 2. Players will need to have climbed to the tippy top of the game's progression ladder (Level 30, World Tier 5, Gear Score 490) to start the mission, which begins at the helipad at the White…

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1 month ago

The Division 2 launches Public Test Server and delays raid until May

Those hoping to dive into Operation Dark Hours, the first eight-player raid mission in The Division 2 will have to settle for grinding more invaded missions next week. Massive announced earlier today that they're delaying Title Update 3.0 from April 25th to an indeterminate point in May, giving them a little longer to tweak and tune balance on the just-launched Public Test Server. They also outlined…

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The owls are watching in The Division 2

The Division 2 may have no central narrative to speak of, but that hasn't stopped Massive Entertainment sneaking some exciting, ARG-styled mystery tales into it. As of last week's endgame-expanding update, players have been spotting wooden owls hidden around post-invasion Roosevelt Island, each guarding a candle which can be lit. Seven owls in total, and if all seven candles are lit in the right order,…

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2 months ago

Feature: Endgame just got even Endgame-er

The Division 2 Tidal Basin update – full patch notes, Tidal Basin Stronghold, World Tier 5

Tidal Basin, the first major content update of The Division 2, was released to agents everywhere on 5th March. Offering up a great many changes, features, and adjustments, from the new Black Tusk Stronghold and World Tier 5 to an overhaul of the weapon mod system and smaller quality of life and UI alterations. Our The Division 2 Tidal Basin update guide will walk you…

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Feature: Agent in need of backup

The Division 2 guide – tips and tricks for beginners

The Division 2 is a very accomplished and addictive loot-n-shooter, and we here in the office have been whiling away our time in an attempt to become very accomplished loot-n-shooters ourselves within the dilapidated ruins of a wartorn Washington D.C. Our The Division 2 guide will walk you through everything you need to know to thrive and deal justice and death in this faction-dominated city,…

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The Division 2 Specializations – Signature Weapon stats, unlocking Endgame skills

So, you've weaved your way through The Division 2's Main Campaign and into the Endgame, and perhaps you've heard all this talk about the different Specializations you can unlock and you're wondering at what point exactly you can expect to see them. Well, worry not, because all you need is to complete a couple more steps in order to unlock World Tier 1 and the…

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The Division 2 Dark Zone – DZ East chest locations, Dark Zone ranks

The Division 2 keeps what set the original from other similar looter shooters: The Dark Zone. While the original game only had one, the sequel has three distinct Dark Zones, where some of the tensest moments of The Division 2 come from, and where the very best loot can be found. Our The Division 2 Dark Zone guide will walk you through these perilous areas…

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The Division 2 Hunter Masks – Hunter locations

No trophy says "I have conquered this game" quite like ripping off the Hunter Masks of the toughest enemies in The Division 2. Hunters are a secretive bunch, all level 35, and if they're ever summoned into the ether, they will try to humiliate you. But that's not going to happen, because now you're here reading our The Division 2 Hunter Masks guide, where we've…

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Feature: New missions, signature weapons, and more

The Division 2 Year 1 Pass – new missions & specializations, The Division 2 DLC & Year 1 roadmap

The Division 2 might already be a pretty top-notch loot-n-shooter, but even before its full release Ubisoft had unveiled a detailed roadmap of Year 1 content updates and DLC. There's an ambitious range of new features, specializations, and game modes lined up for players, all interspersed amongst three large DLC "Episodes" and a handful of smaller content updates. Our The Division 2 Year 1 Pass…

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Feature: We're in the Endgame now

The Division 2 Endgame – World Tier guide, Black Tusk and World Tiers explained

With The Division 2, Ubisoft and Massive have paid special attention to improving upon the glaring issues of its predecessor; and nowhere is this more evident than The Division 2 Endgame. Once players hit Level 30 and complete the Main Campaign, they'll be greeted with a variety of special Endgame missions and objectives to tackle, as well as a brand new ultra-powerful faction to deal…

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The Division 2 temporarily disables daily and weekly Projects

Ubisoft have temporarily disabled The Division 2's 'Project' quests due to an issue which let players repeatedly claim rewards and--heaven forbid!--get more loot than intended. They tried to fix this on Sunday with an emergency server restart but that didn't work, so the Projects are disabled until a full fix is in place. I hope you're happy, you rotters. By squeezing more loot out the…

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The Division 2 starts a month of April incursions tomorrow

The Division 2 rolls out its first major update tomorrow, starting a mini-season of content Ubisoft and Massive are calling Invasion: Battle For DC. Broken up into three updates, tomorrow's adds the Stronghold mission to take down the high-tech Black Tusk faction, a new World Tier with new invaded missions and a new PvP map. On April 25th, the game is due its first eight-player…

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Feature: That Shocked, Burned and Blind kid sure plays a mean pinball

The Division 2 status effects – burn, bleed, disrupt, shock explained

Status effects are easy to ignore in The Division 2 - until you come across them, that is, and realise just how powerful and debilitating they can be. Different forms of skills and ammunition can cause you to bleed, burn, become poisoned, and just generally die in a magnificent variety of ways, so it's important to know what's what when it comes to all these…

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Feature: Sorting your Bounties from your Public Executions

The Division 2 activities – Bounty, Propaganda Broadcast, Resource Convoy tips and tricks

Tom Clancy's open-world rendition of Washington D.C. in The Division 2 supplies players with a wide variety of activities and objectives besides the plethora of Main Missions and Side Missions to conquer on your way to Level 30. At any given moment you're likely to be only a street or block away from some sort of altercation with an enemy faction; a Public Execution, perhaps,…

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The Division 2 adds World Tier 5 and Black Tusk’s stronghold on April 5th

The Division 2 is a big game, taking most folks around thirty hours of looting and shooting before you even meet its fourth set of 'endgame' villains. Next Friday's big update on April 5th will give players even more to chew on for free, especially those who have worked their way up through the World Tiers battling Black Tusk forces. Those who have looted and…

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Feature: Reduce, Reuse, Recalibrate

The Division 2 Recalibration guide – how to transfer stats and talents, Recalibration explained

Plenty of systems in The Division 2 have been rethought and refined from its first iteration in The Division 1, and prime among them is the redesigned Recalibration Station. This station is unlocked through Staff member Emma Richards, and can be used to transfer attributes and talents from one item or piece of gear to another. It's also a pretty confusing station to get to…

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Feature: GPUs and HDR explained

What graphics card do I need for HDR and what PC games support it?

HDR on PC continues to be a bit of a mess these days, but provided you haven't been put off by the astronomical prices of the [block id="604469" title="Best gaming monitor"]s for HDR or, indeed, the ongoing debacle surrounding Windows 10 support for it, then the next step on your path to high dynamic range glory is to get an HDR compatible graphics card. Below, you'll find a…

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