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Monster Hunter: World materials: where to find them

Get yer materials 'ere

With every new weapon or armour that comes to Monster Hunter: World, you'll need all the materials you can get in order to craft them. It can be tricky to know exactly where to find the items that you need. Sure, the game has a wish list that you can assign items so it tells you when you find the materials needed to craft them, but they don't tell you exactly where they are. This guide will show you where to find them, whether they are on small monsters to be scavenged from or various points in the map to be collected.

Monster Hunter: World materials guide

Gathering materials is one of the major things you need to do in order to get better gear, but there are plenty of other things in our Monster Hunter World guide that you can check out in order to improve your chances of surviving any particularly difficult hunt.

If you are looking for specifically Monster Hunter World Iceborne guides, then we have created a separate guide hub for just expansion stuff. Head over to our Monster Hunter World Iceborne guide to make your start.

Hunter is bothering and agitating some Jagras.


Gathering materials in Monster Hunter: World

The majority of other materials are found by scavenging natural resources. While out in the field, if you head over to every mining outcrop, characterised by either blue or red crystals, you'll be able to obtain ores. The same can also be said for piles of bones that can be salvaged. You'll know you've found rare materials when the animation for digging or mining takes a lot longer, ending in the hunter holding the glimmering item aloft. Also, it's worth noting that rarer materials like Fucium Ore that are required for high-end gear, are only found in higher rank areas.

The only real exception to this are items like Dragoncore Ore which is dropped by Elder Dragons, or Lava Nuggets that are mined from the body of Uragaan. Some items like tickets are rewards for completing certain quests or missions to help factions, such as the Lynians with investigation missions, or coins for fighting monsters in the arena.

Small monster materials

Since the large monsters take centre stage, roaming around each of the maps, it's easy to forget that there are smaller critters that also have various unique materials to gather up. Below is a complete list of all the materials that are obtainable by simply slaying them and salvaging resources from their carcasses. Some creatures are available in multiple areas and some materials even require being hit in certain parts.

Monster NameLocationLow Rank MaterialsHigh Rank materials
AptonothAncient ForestRaw MeatRaw Meat
JagrasAncient ForestJagras Hide Jagras Scale Sharp ClawJagras Hide + Jagras Scale + Piercing Claw
KestodonAncient Forest Wildspire WasteKestodon Shell Kestodon ScalpKestodon Carapace Kestodon Scalp
GajauAncient Forest Wildspire WasteGajau Whisker Gajau SkinGajau Scale Grand Gajau Whisker
MosswineAncient Forest Wildspire WasteMosswine HideMosswine Hide
MernosAncient Forest Wildspire Waste Coral HighlandsWingdrake Hide Raw MeatWingdrake Hide + Raw Meat
VespoidAncient Forest Wildspire Waste Coral Highlands Rotten ValeVespoid Shell Vespoid Wing Monster FluidVespoid Carapace Vespoid Innerwing Monster Broth
ApcerosWildspire WasteRaw MeatRaw Meat
NoiosWildspire WasteWingdrake Hide Screamer SacWingdrake Hide + Screamer Sac
KelbiWildspire Waste Coral HighlandsKelbi Horn (hit its head) Warm Pelt White Liver Raw MeatKelbi Horn (hit its head) High-quality Pelt Raw Meat White Liver
ShamosCoral HighlandsShamos Hide Shamos Scale Sharp ClawShamos Hide + Shamos Scale + Piercing Claw
RaphinosCoral Highlands Rotten ValeWingdrake Hide Raw MeatWingdrake Hide + Raw Meat
HornetaurRotten ValeHornetaur Shell Hornetaur Wing Hornetaur Head Monster FluidHornetaur Carapace Hornetaur Innerwing Hornetaur Head Monster Broth
GirrosRotten ValeGirros Hide Girros Scale Girros FangGirros Hide + Girros Scale + Girros Fang
GastodonElder's RecessN/AGastodon Carapace Gastodon Horn
BarnosElder's RecessWingdrake HideBarnos Hide + Barnos Talon

Anjanath eats a Great Jagras

Large monster materials in Monster Hunter: World

As for the rest of the resources, they've technically already been covered in our individual large monster guides. So for those looking for both low rank and high rank materials that you can salvage from these monsters, as well as the chances to obtain each possible item, they're at the bottom of the individual guide pages below.

Kushala Daora sits there, waiting patiently for the hunter to attack.

Elder Dragon materials in Monster Hunter: World

Much like the large monsters, we also have guides for all the currently available Elder Dragons in the PC version of the game. If you'd like to know what materials to salvage from them, as well as the chances to obtain each possible item, they're at the bottom of the individual guide pages.

So now you know where to find all the materials you need to craft new gear. Head on over to either our Monster Hunter: World weapon tree guide for a complete list of all the weapons you can make, or the Monster Hunter: World armour builds guide for all the craftable armour in the game presently.

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